Business Systems Kickoff

We are ready to help you focus on your unique talents and grow your business. If you're not quite ready for our full monthly services, we have a solution for you. Our Business Systems Kickoff is a one-time $995 service over 10 weeks. We provide the following services:
  • Focus on your unique talent – Time Management for a Perfect Day
  • Business Plan – One pager including Marketing and Budget Plan
  • Database Management and Lead Management – systems cleanup and coding

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Business Systems Kickoff is designed for the following situations:

  • Not ready yet for full $995/month services and want to start slower
  • Not 100% sure if Best Agent Business will be perfect fit and want to try services
  • Agent with in-house assistant and need systems and train assistant on systems
  • Agent who read Billion Dollar Agent Manifesto and ready for first steps

To get started, sign and return service agreement and do signup via PayPal/credit card:

Best Agent Business– Regular - $995/month -

You may decide to continue at our $995 or $1,990/month level after completion or anytime during the 10 week kickoff.