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Our Calling Team at Best Agent Business calls buyer leads, seller leads, Clients/SOI, FSBO/Expired, and even does Agent Recruit calling.

Schedule a call to discuss your business needs with Steve Kantor, author of Billion Dollar Agent Manifesto.  We would be happy to give you a complimentary 5 hour Calling Test to show you what we can do.  Just note Calling Test Gift when you schedule the call.  Or email sales@bestagentbusiness.com or call/text us now at 202-297-2393.

This is a list of some marketing vendors who we work with to support their systems and do calling of leads in these software platforms.  We work with all systems.

  • TigerLead -the premier lead generation and management system. An integrated solution to attract, capture, cultivate, and close internet leads

  • Market Leader offers innovative marketing and technology solutions that enable agents and brokers to grow and manage their business. Real Estate Agents who access the power of Market Leader grow their business and brokers are able to recruit and retain agents to achieve a competitive edge.

  • Prodigy Solutions is a Marketing & Consulting firm specializing in building solutions which is owned by 2 of the most innovative minds and top real estate agents in the world – Curtis Johnson and Don Wenner.
  • agentjet offers brilliant customized solutions for every budget range. From just starting self-serve to platinum level concierge service, each platform matches precisely what you need.

  • Realty Generator - works to attract clients to your brokerage, track performance of your agents, and provide tools that support communications with prospective clients

  • Boomtown - real estate marketing platform that's custom-fit to your brokerage and your market

  • Commissions, Inc. provides a multifaceted lead generation strategy through powerful search engine marketing, syndication, and auto-post tools allowing seamless integration with popular social networking sites. It offers customized websites with full MLS integration so buyers always see the most recent listings with emphasis on featured properties, multiple lead capture points and customized offers based on your market.

  • kunversion is a unique Market Builder that can chat with your leads and email you transcripts plus create leads for you. kunversion is totally integrated with Google Mail, Calendar, and Drive and importing all your leads from any source is as easy as sending an email.
  • Real Estate Webmasters has entry level real estate websites that you can expand-on, or you can order the highest-end custom website design in the real estate industry. Or there are Limited Edition Custom options, giving you a custom-caliber website with proven conversion at half the cost. You'll like how all of their websites, from the simplest to the biggest, include the proprietary lead management and content management technologies.

  • Real Geeks staff is working closely with real estate agents and real estate webmasters who have been producing business at a high level online for years and all their experience will be shared with all Real Geeks customers. Real Leads by Real Geeks is a highly efficient and effective marketing solution for generating, capturing and managing home buyer/seller leads.

  • Success Website starts with the SuccessWebsite® System which is a complete set of proven Internet marketing tools, including Branded and Less- Branded web sites, proven lead generation campaigns, integrated CRM tracking and follow-up software, and advanced listing solutions for agents and teams of all sizes.

  • Seize the Market is a complete real estate business/team platform that provides a complete solution from a powerful lead generation to transaction management and repeat/referral business nurturing systems. It also includes automated high level tracking never seen before in such a easy to use simple interface. 
  • Wiseagent is a Customer relationship management (CRM) system that has been designed specifically for Realtors. They specialize in customer service, product integration, and data management. Wise Agent seamlessly connects technology, people, and business practices to increase productivity, organization, and most importantly we make it easy for our members to give full service to their clients and build long term relationships. 

  • Zurple enables you to spend less time prospecting uncertain leads and more time closing with serious home buyers. Zurple has a patent-pending process to increase closings that is not only unique but highly effective and top-rated by clients.

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