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Landvoice is the premiere source for For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Leads in the industry today. With 15-years of experience, they are committed to providing Real Estate Professionals with the most convenient, cost effective way to work the FSBO market. Stop wasting time searching newspapers, magazines, and websites for FSBO leads when Landvoice, the FSBO expert, can do it for you. For less than $1.10 per day, Landvoice e-mails you every new FSBO from every source every day.

• Provides more FSBO properties from more sources than anyone else
• Provides highest quality of FSBOs in the industry; every lead is reviewed
• Screens all duplicated leads, blind agent leads or MLS leads
• Provides property descriptions
• Provides owner/seller phone numbers and addresses through reverse searches
• Flags all phone numbers on the DNC Registry

• Daily e-mails with every new FSBO in your area
• Access to the largest searchable FSBO database in the nation
• FREE FSBO training through monthly Tele-Seminars

• FSBO service starts at $39.99 per month

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