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Best Agent Business has pre-screened these partners and can recommend them without hesitation. Steve Kantor has built a strong working relationship with them and understands completely how they operate and the value they can bring to your business. If you'd like to discuss this partner and the benefits of using them directly with Steve, please feel free to schedule a call with him here, send an email to us at, or call us directly at 202-297-2393.

  • Landvoice - the best For Sale By Owner (FSBO) and Expired lead generation service in North America. It helps Real Estate Professionals by e-mailing FSBO leads from every source every day, as well as providing Realtors with accurate contact information on expired listings from the MLS with the best cloud-based leads.

  • BoldLeads - with automatic follow-up, instant notifications, constant testing to ensure the highest rates of lead conversion possible, conversion training and complete auto-management of your seller leads to save you valuable time, BoldLeads will ensure you capture more leads, even if they don't fill in a contact form. The seller leads system of choice loved by hundreds of agents around the world.

  • REDX - expireds, For Sale By Owner, and pre-foreclosure leads, lead management software, and high octane lead generation. REDX provides you with the highest quantity of quality data designed to save time, eliminate research and accelerate sales.Their leads include homeowner names and phone numbers, property addresses, and other pertinent information to allow you to prospect more effectively. All leads are scrubbed against the national Do Not Call registry.

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