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BoldLeads is loved by hundreds of top producing agents all over the world. Click HERE to sign up for BoldLeads now.

You set a monthly Pay-Per-Click budget. Unlike other companies,100% of your monthly ad budget goes directly to your PPC campaigns.

BoldLeads drives traffic directly to your Seller Land Page. BoldLeads drives traffic from a handful of sources that are generating the highest quality leads for the least amount of money.
Leads are sent to your inbox, phone and CRM. Once you're set up, you'll start receiving leads in 24 hours or less.

Is BoldLeads Pro exclusive? Yes. BoldLeads Pro is limited to one agent per zip code to ensure they provide the most leads for the least amount of money.

How many leads will I get? This depends on your monthly ad budget, area, and market. Agents typically receive at least one lead per $7 spent.

How much is BoldLeads Pro? $199 a month which includes automated email follow-up, an optimized landing page, a backend to manage your leads, list building tools, and follow-up training.

Is there a minimum budget? $200 is the minimum budget, although most agents dedicate much larger ad budgets to maximize their exposure in their zip codes.

Can I manage my own ads? With the basic plan, BoldLeads provides the follow-up system and a landing page, and you're free to run your own ad campaigns.

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