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We focus on making our clients happy by helping them delegate and grow their business. We get things done. By Day 100 of working together, our business goal is that our client is so happy that they offer a written testimonial about Best Agent Business. We also help you gather written and audio testimonials from your own clients to help you with your marketing efforts.

Read What Our Clients Have to Say About Us:

Agent in Morristown, NJ: "Best Agent Business has been great! They have helped me most with organizing and building my website. I am confident that I will do more business this year because of them."

Agent in Danville, CA: "I use Best Agent Business to assist with mainly marketing and lead management. It’s been easy – send them a copy of our client services, and let them go. Lifebushido turn around time is 24 hours, and I am happy with the results of all of the marketing pieces they have helped me with. They are great at helping with blogging and articles for me as well. And they’ve done a great job helping us contact our current clients to ensure their information is accurate and complete. It is such a relief to work on new business knowing that our current business is being handled well by Lifebushido."

Agent in Charlotte, NC: "Best Agent Business has provided me a way of doing things that I was not able to do before. They have provided an inside sales team, management staff, and a recruiting staff all for a low monthly cost. I just tell them what I need help with, and they adjust their efforts to help me. It is truly a blessing to know that we have people behind us that care about our business as much as we do."

Agent in Riverview, FL: "My business has benefited with the calling services, data base service, and brainstorming opportunities provided by Steve Kantor and his team. I am a Platinum member of the Craig Proctor’s System, and I find his services to be a valuable compliment to the Craig Proctor System. Steve and his team take the time to understand you, where you are in the business, and help support you to go to the next level. I thought I was good at implementation until I met the master! There were two critical things I learned about my business. First, I did not really understand how valuable a tool my database could be if it was handled properly and built correctly. Second, I was missing a lot of business by not calling monthly the buyers who were not ready to buy for 3 months or more. I did not have the time to make these calls myself, and the drip campaigns were not sufficient. I highly recommend a conference call with Steve Kantor to see what he can do to help your business make a quantum leap!"

Agent in Alexandria, VA: "I've worked with Best Agent Business (BAB) for more than a year. I recommend them to any Real Estate Team that wants to see more efficiency, more profits and smart growth in their Real Estate business. After 22 years in the military and 16 years in Real Estate I thought I was pretty organized, but Steve Kantor, the President and founder, and his BAB Team taught me that my real challenge was to STOP WASTING LEADS. Through common sense reorganization I've saved thousands of dollars a month. I'm no longer trying to buy more leads but working the good leads I already have. Their procedures have, as
importantly, helped me create business that I would have otherwise lost; therefore, earning me thousands of dollars a month. I see BAB as an integral part of MY Team. I couldn't do what I do without them. In essence, BAB supports me with additional hourly employees. BAB does the training, and my work is providing BAB input – what and how I want done and tweaked, in a very flexible way, the process that fits my needs. They have done an amazing job. For example, they are consistent and persistent so the calls I ask them to complete are sure to get done, and they put any calls attempted, completed, and their discussions in my contact data base. I have seen more and more older leads come back my way that I would have lost. My main BAB point-of-contact is very professional, knowledgeable, and sales-savvy, and she expertly manages everything I ask her to do. Bottom line, the BAB concept has worked very well for me. It's certainly worth the cost. Again, I highly recommend Best Agent Business."

Agent in Solon, OH: "We have been using Best Agent Business to help leverage our time by assigning them the items that are time consuming and frankly we do not like to do. By them taking care of the ad/min portion of our business, it allows us to concentrate on dollar producing activities. We were hesitant of letting go of any part of business with concerns of would they be able to do it as well as we could. The fact is, they could do it better was a welcome surprise. Steve Kantor took the time to listen to us and offer solid recommendations how he could improve our business and reduce our workload. The follow-up and weekly calls make sure that items are addressed that need addressing in real time. We are constantly working to improve our business and have Best Agent Business as a valuable part of our team."

Agent in West Palm Beach, FL: "Best Agent Business and their team are fantastic. They are very organized and help maximize my lead interaction. Best Agent Business contacts my leads in a timely manner and helps me manage my Boomtown lead database. This team helped me manage my time and increase my income. I highly recommend Best Agent Business."

Agent in Laredo, TX: "I have been a successful independent real estate agent for more than a decade. Delegating tasks was a challenge for me because I am used to doing everything on my own. Best Agent Business has taught me that in order to reach my goals and work my ideal amount of hours, I need a strong team behind me to take care of the things that eat up my time. My database is more organized, listings are running more smoothly, and I have an assistant that I can call when I need anything. I trust my team at Best Agent Business to help me run my business while I focus on selling real estate, and I have no doubt that I will be happier and more successful in work and in life."

Agent in Walnut Creek, CA: "I have studied time management and efficient schedules for years. However, the extra spin that Steve adds by studying your best talents, and then focusing those talents, the amount of time in the day you work on BIG money activities is not derailed. Meaning if you are doing the activities you don’t like about your business before the ones that make you the most money, you have failed to achieve your highest potential. Now, once you get that, how do you bring that to your team? We also found about 1,000 hours of lost time on my team. This dropped my OSA’s jaw."

Agent in Houston, TX: "Before I used Best Agent Business, my database was in complete disarray. When I spoke with Steve, he gave me suggestions on how to best structure my database, and how to clean and purge it. He quickly put his team to work, and within weeks my database was cleaned and set up in a way that allows me to effectively communicate with my past clients. They also helped me layout effective closing and listing plans, and streamline my operation. I would suggest to anyone doing the detail work themselves to allow Best Agent Business to take that over so you can work on the dollar productive work."

Agent in Potomac, MD: "It's been 60 days since I started with Best Agent Business. It was not an easy 60 days, but it has been a productive 60 days. Transitioning into a virtual assistant team structure has allowed me to not waste my leads. Instead it gives me the time to focus on working on my business instead of just "being busy in the business".

Agent in Bethesda, MD: "Hiring Best Agent Business has been one of the best business decisions I have made. Best Agent Business, along with my in house assistant, has really freed up my time to focus more on my business and leads. I currently have 17 transactions under contract! This has never happened to me at one time before! I contribute this to Best Agent Business and the work they do for me. They do everything from closing work, listing work, and marketing. Best Agent Business will free up your time to focus on the important tasks that need to get done in order to grow your business. I would highly recommend Best Agent Business to any Real Estate Agent who is looking to grow their business and take it to the next level!"

Agent in McLean, VA: "Best Agent Business has been superb so far and has surpassed my expectations. One thing that I need is systems, and they have them! They have experts for each facet of my business: listings, database, marketing, lead management, and accounting. I thought I would need to hire two fulltime employees to do this work, and did it all myself in the past. I was leaving tons of money on the table. Best Agent Business enables me to focus on my unique talents while letting them do the rest. I plan on having my best year ever while working 30% less. Because of the way things are run at this company, I am confident this will become a reality!"

Agent in Dallas, TX: "In my first month of working with Best Agent Business I have noticed a huge difference in our business. It is incredible the amount of workload these guys took off my shoulders. Having Best Agent Business on my team allows me to work on my business, and not in my business. Words can't express how grateful I am to have them on my team! Thanks Best Agent Business!"

Agent in Hilton Head Island, SC: "We signed up with Best Agent Business after the Craig Proctor Platinum coaching event. We started slowly with only 10 hours per week of them calling our IDX buyer leads. It was a little slow at first as we merged systems and styles, but we've written some offers from the leads they've reached. First, one closed in July; the second should close within the week. They started with leads we hadn’t been able to reach, or that we had let slip by the wayside. They also follow up with the leads they’ve reached until it's time for us to step in. They've only been calling this backlog of leads since 5/30, and we'll be right around net positive ROI from their calls with this second closing. My buyer's agents (OSAs) are actively working with 10-12 hot buyers they wouldn't have had otherwise, some higher end, and Best Agent Business is growing a pipeline of leads they have reached, and are continuing following up with. All in all, I've been very happy with their service. In fact, as we approach the 4-month mark with them, I'm thinking of increasing the number of hours they call for me."

Agent in Edmond, OK:" I have been a top-producing agent for over 12 years. I was at crossroads in my business due to always being out in the field working and not having time to hold people in my office accountable. I knew I needed to update my old systems, but had no clue where to start and I certainly did not have the time. I was very skeptical that Steve Kantor and Best Agent Business could truly make a difference. I have now been a client for three months, and I have found that Steve is an extremely valuable resource. If he doesn't know the answer, he finds a solution quickly and gets back to me with a plan of action! He holds my agents accountable (priceless if you have buyer’s agents) making sure they have to report what they are doing with each lead! Knowing they are accountable makes them work harder to close each deal, and it gives an incentive to focus on the training needed to be a better agent! I would recommend Steve and his team to any agent as he can take any agent to the next level. I have two full-time assistants, but Steve's team can complete tasks in less than half of the time than my full-time staff (examples of this are data base management, social media implementation, and lead generation return). If you want to step up and go to the next level, give him a call!"

Agent in McLean, VA: "Best Agent Business has been beneficial to my business in many ways. Since starting with BABS (what we call you in our office), I have been able to shift my attention to getting myself organized and focusing on the things that count most: sales. BAB has efficient, logical systems that deliver results. The listings team in particular has done great work for me. I look forward to continuing my relationship with BAB for a long time."

Agent in Fairfax, VA: "Best Agent Business has been invaluable to me by taking care of my marketing campaigns, blogging, newsletters, and listing flyers. They have provided a wide range of services for me since I started with them 6 months ago. I have used their services for updating my website, updating a resume, and having transaction coordination in place for my listings when I need the help. This has given me the ability to have time and focus for other areas of my moving my business forward."

Agent in Charlotte, NC: "A real estate agent wears 50 hats and juggles 15 items at the same time, all while maintaining a high level of professionalism and consistency without help. Best Agent Business has helped me transform how I live and what I achieve in my real estate business. If you delegate your tasks to highly skilled assistants, your business will grow exponentially. I was doing way too many things, and many of them were not done well. As I delegated items to Best Agent Business one at a time, I began to free up time that allowed me to do more of the things I was good at. I am good at calling, and building relationships. In doing more calling, I gained more referrals. I am leveraging my time and growing the business. Even though I've been in this business for 20 years, my life is more balanced now than it ever was. Best Agent Business is also about improving the quality of your life. It's about producing more, and profiting more in your business."

Agent in Plymouth, MN: "Steve and his team have really done a great job helping us with various aspects of our business that are hard to maintain at times. Their team of professionals is top notch and all over it. I recommend them to any agent who wants to do top dollar productive activities and stop doing the stuff that can be passed off."

Agent in Seattle, WA: "I was referred to Steve Kantor and Best Agent Business from my long-time coach and mentor, Matthew Ferry, with the intention of creating systems and administration independent of my participation. Matthew taught me that structure is a combination of systems, accountability, and discipline, and that Real Estate is a procedure. With Steve's help in systematizing our business, we are currently the number one RE/MAX agent in the four-state Pacific NW region, and number twenty eight nationwide. If you would like to achieve mastery in your own real estate business, I highly recommend that you connect with Steve."

Agent in Elmhurst, IL: "Best Agent Business is my third Virtual Assistant firm, and I have to say they are the best. As for accountability, they stand behind what they do and make it right. I met Steve at a Star Power conference in 2010, and at the time had a good VA firm in place but kept in touch with him just in case. Thank goodness I did for after being extorted by the prior firm I made the switch in 2011, and haven't looked back. Best Agent Business has been great from managing our blogging, monthly eNewsletter, and micro-blogging to lead data entry and database management. In addition to BAB our Real Estate Group has been able to concentrate on doing even more deals. Without this help we would never have seen our business grow almost 40% from 2010 to 2011, and we’ve already equaled our 2011 production as of August of 2012! I highly recommend Best Agent Business."

Agent in Fayetteville, NY: "I am definitely happy with your service. It has taken the responsibility of the initial call off of my Buyers Agents, a call they were slow to make anyway. Tracy does a great job of keeping me up-to-date on the leads, and her capture rate is excellent. We have closed more transactions from our lead generation systems because of your calling team than we would have without them. The ROI is definitely making it an easy decision to continue with your services."

Agent in Boston, MA: "Because my business has been growing so fast it got to a point where I was starting to waste a lot of leads and money. I knew I needed help, but my past experiences with other assistants where not so great. Then I met Steve and his team, and I knew, right from the get go, I had found something that would change how I do business forever. Since signing on with Best Agent Business, I have been using their team to stay on top of my leads. Because of this I have several new clients totaling over $3 million in value that otherwise would of slipped through the cracks (and I've only been working with them for a few months). So, thank you, Steve and Best Agent Business, for taking me one step closer to my goals!"

Agent in Greenwood Village, CO: "For years I knew I needed to make a change from my outdated and disorganized client database, but I was always too busy with other aspects of my business to make it happen. I made the decision to partner with Best Agent Business to assist me with this project, and I was extremely pleased with the results. The whole process was smooth and easy, and within a few weeks I had a modern, clean and organized client database in which it is simple to locate and update my clients and leads. I am now onto the next project with Best Agent Business in which they are making my database work for me by setting up my leads and clients on drip email campaigns and monthly newsletters. I love that Best Agent Business uses the team approach to tackle my projects so I know their work is done thoroughly and efficiently. Communication with the teams is very open so I am able to provide my input and suggestions, but the actual work is now off my plate, and I know I can trust Best Agent Business to get the job done right."

Agent in Galveston, TX: "I have been working with Best Agent Business for five years now, and I truly appreciate their services. When I first started my primary goal was to delegate recurring tasks so that I could feel up my time; however with the expertise Best Agent Business offers I have brought over my Marketing efforts, Database, and Leads. I have previously had them do Calling and Buyer Surveys as well and received great results. I would certainly recommend Best Agent Business to other professionals in the business!"

Agent in Englewood, CO: "Best Agent Business has been processing and assigning my leads from Tiger, My Buying Buddy, and Google Mail for the past year. They have created a procedure manual and have been efficient in handling any changes that occur. Using Best Agent Business has enabled our agents to focus on the leads with good contact info because they don’t have to filter through leads with bad numbers or email addresses. They have been very flexible on adding extra lead checks to the normal week’s procedures to compensate for shifting schedules with our in-house staff. I would highly recommend Best Agent Business to handle anyone’s lead processing work."

Agent in Washington, DC: "The organization, the orientation calls, the ability to take what an active agent has for a routine and provide guidance to increase efficiency and delegation is so well done. For me, the timely reminders of admin tasks/input required to facilitate the delegation I know are effective in creating an awareness of activity choices, which will ultimately change the way and the amount of business I can do. Thanks to Steve and his most accommodating team!"

Agent in Cypress, TX: "For me, one of the most challenging things about growing a business is doing more, and doing things better, while making sure I'm maximizing the value of my time. Steve, Deb and the rest of the Best Agent Business team have been a tremendous help so far, allowing me to systematize important marketing activities. When the Best Agent Business team handles an activity, I know it's getting done competently and consistently with accountability.
At the same time, Steve and Deb keep me on task, as hard as it is sometimes to "focus, focus, and focus" on the core things I need to spend my time on as the team leader and main rainmaker. I know Best Agent Business is going to help me take this to the next level, and the cool thing is I feel like we've barely scratched the surface on how we can work together."

Agent in Annapolis, MD: "Best Agent Business has been the greatest investment I have ever made for my business. The basic services are available anywhere, but I have found their difference is in the commitment to helping me maintain my focus on $100-$200 per hour tasks. My focus on database management, lead follow-up, and consistent delivery of marketing content has taking me to a new level of performance and consistency! Here are the reasons that I love Best Agent Business: They can’t quit on me. They have specialized talents. They have intellectual capital. BAB is working with stars from around the country and has business building ideas and concepts. They know what works.

Agent Hudson, WI: "Best Agent Business is an awesome addition to our marketing team. I’ve had many assistants over the years help me maintain my databases, and Best Agent Business is by far the best and most accurate I’ve ever worked with. Oh, and I appreciate the regular follow-ups that are provided. Thanks so much for all you do!"

Agent in Key West, FL: "I have worked with virtual assistants before and have had a more positive experience with Best Agent Business staff. Best Agent Business has provided tremendous assistance in Social Networking and Marketing areas of my RE business. Carol and the Blogging team are working hard at writing interesting and informative blogs that engage the readers and keep my business, and me, in a fresh perspective. Julie and the Graphics team have helped me create Relocation packages that will provide a great service to all my clients moving to the Key West area, and help them feel more prepared for starting life in a new location."

Agent in Estero, FL: "Eight months ago I joined Best Agent Business. Using their Listing Co-coordinator and marketing programs have helped free up my time so I can focus on the parts of my business that I do best. They really have done a great job of creating marketing materials for my new investor campaign. I would recommend the services of Best Agent Business to any agent that needs more time (for their dollar productive work)."

Agent in Henderson, NV: "If any Realtor is looking for the magic keys to success, it's positive mindset, good work ethics, and Best Agent Business. Working with Best Agent Business is the best thing I have done for my business."

Agent in Wilmington, NC: "I was reluctant at first about using a virtual agent, and I was a little overwhelmed at the start. After a couple of months I realized I hadn’t hired only a virtual assistant but a lead manager, mailing manager, listing manager, database manager and business advisor that holds me accountable - and I hate being held accountable. I got all of these things for 50% less than what I was paying my full-time assistant to text her fiancé and surf the net. If you are in need of a business manager Best Agent Business is for you. Thanks Steve and Best Agent Business!  Best Agent Business recommended that I convert everything to Outlook, and sync my Smartphone to update automatically when I HotSync. I made that switch immediately following the phone call from Steve, expecting a technological nightmare. It took 15 minutes! I now have all of my appointments in Outlook and even get reminders when the next “occurrence” is coming up. This has truly transformed my time management by making me aware of what I have planned and what I’m currently doing."

Agent in Leesburg, VA: "With the help of Best Agent Business, I’m publishing a newsletter monthly, and my database is more organized. They have found some profitable leads in my database that I might not otherwise have found. As a lone agent I felt I was reinventing the wheel every day. With the help of Best Agent Business, I have more structure and systems in my business. I am more focused and less reactionary. By delegating a whole lot of work to people who are experienced in all facets of the business, I’ve freed up my time to focus on more rewarding activities in my business and my personal life."

Agent in Blue Bell, PA: "I have been with Best Agent Business now for about three months. During this time, I have been extremely satisfied with the professionalism and speed at which Best Agent Business tackles each project given to them. They have helped us with our database, listing management, and calling work. They have really helped free up my time so I can focus on what I do best. I would recommend the services of Best Agent Business to any agent that wants to free up their time and take their business to the next level."

Agent in Austin, TX: "Best Agent Business has given me the opportunity to grow my business without having to hire multiple people - and their associated issues as my experience has proven previously. Being able to hand over key things such as my marketing, lead management and database management allows me to focus on the things I like and do best: setting appointments and listing homes. My Key Assistant, Shawna, is great at holding me accountable when things need to get done. Even though I have been a Top Producer for a long time now, I strongly believe that the systems that Best Agent Business has put in place will allow me to pursue my goals of reaching 250-300 sales per year."

Agent in Rockville, MD:" I started with Best Agent Business six months ago, and I was slow in getting things rolling. It was hard turning things over to someone else. Now that I am getting busy, I have come to realize that the things that Best Agent Business does for me are really freeing up my time to do what I do best, which is getting out and working with the clients one-on-one, and showing houses. My Key Assistant, Kim, is reachable, very responsive and understands me. She knows how to keep me motivated to get things done, and I appreciate that - I know she has my back. As I’m growing my business in the future, being able to have specialized teams to take care of my transaction management, website and social media, and calling tasks are things that I just couldn’t afford to do on my own, and would cost me more to pay someone to do in-house. I like having the feeling that they are always there for me and helping me to move my business forward."

Agent in Richmond, VA: "I found working with Best Agent Business delightful. Plus, they are meticulous in keeping records and staying in touch with us. We look forward to working with them on the next stage of our project."

Agent in Buffalo, New York: "Before meeting Steve and his team, I saw no clear path to a more organized business. In just three months, Best Agent Business has me on a path towards running a true business and gaining more control over my time. They started by helping me to clean and organize my database. Every name is coded in an easy to understand format so that communicating with buyers, sellers, clients and SOI anytime will be easy and profitable. My key assistant, Rachel, is truly awesome. She also understands my budget as a new member, which I truly appreciate. Steve has a fantastic time management strategy that has helped me to gain control over my schedule and clearly understand where my time is most valuable. Best Agent Business is a first class group of highly skilled individuals, and I recommend them highly."

Agent in Cedar Rapids, IA: "Best Agent Business has been committed to keeping me on track with goals related to my database, recommending the best method of communication with current and past clients, and assisting in posting blogs, social media, and drip campaigns from my web site viewers. Contact is the key to success, and by utilizing technology, I have saved time and money having them on my team."

Agent in Danvers, MA: "Best Agent Business has been great to work with so far!  We are now in the process of turning my listing and closing processes over. Betsy has been instrumental in helping me with the process of taking over listings and closings. I look forward to doing more, successful projects with Best Agent Business as my business grows."

Agent in Key West, FL: "Best Agent Business has provided tremendous assistance in the Social Media and Marketing areas of my real estate business. The Blogging Team does a terrific job at writing interesting and informative blogs that engage the readers, and keep my business - and me - in a fresh perspective."

Agent in Bellevue, WA: "I just "happened" across this company while I was searching online for virtual assistants, and they are the most impressive thing I've ever seen. They definitely know what they are doing – they are total real estate pros so they know more than us about what needs to be done, and have awesome pricing. I just bought in for 5 hours a month at $100.00 to see how it went, and they got to work immediately putting my database into shape.
Second Testimonial by same agentBest Agent Business absolutely shattered my expectations. Their follow-up, professionalism, and experience are unmatched. They have amazing systems in place for every agent at every level (even me),
and can handle any and every possible task I can possibly need. They do it better and more efficiently than I could do it myself, and I can hardly keep up with them. They are patient with me but constantly checking in, which gives me natural accountability that helps me improve and continue to press forward towards my goals. I couldn't be more impressed or appreciative."

Agent in Hilton Head Island, SC: "I’m thrilled with the results thus far, and expect far more results in the next months and years. I feel like I’ve hired in Steve Kantor as a personal coach. He’s gotten me to focus on the most important, neglected aspects of my business, I knew there was “gold” in all those leads, but on my own I could not figure out how to mine that gold. Steve showed me how to do it, and so far I’ve got two appointments with buyers who I would have missed if it were not for his advice, systems and virtual assistants, who are doing their jobs with excellence and promptness. I normally can close about 50 of my appointments (sometimes it takes me up to a year to close them). Both of these buyers are in the $600,000 to $800,000 range, so I expect to bring in about $21,000 GCI from these three months of effort. Most of the last three months has been laying the foundation for far more dramatic results. I expect that I’ll be seeing at least one, if not two or three, extra appointments per month from the systems and assistants that are now in place. That’s $10,500 to $31,500 per month in extra income. Needless to say, I’m thrilled!  Prior to working with BAB I was overwhelmed with leads. I tried to be Superman and work them all diligently, but it was too much, and I’m not Superman. So the result was that most of the best leads got neglected, and I was stressed. Steve and his team are very competent people who use systems beyond any I’ve ever seen, and I’m a fairly good systems person. I would thus highly recommend them to anyone who wants to grow his/her business."

Agent in Houston, TX: "Best Agent Business has been one of the greatest investments I have made. They have assisted me in maintaining my focus. Their professional teams have assisted me in keeping my business running smoothly and efficiently which allows me to focus on developing my business. They keep me up and running in Database Management, Listing Management and Lead Management just to name a few. Best Agent's Business proficiency and organization is unbeatable. I am very pleased with every aspect of the work that Best Agent Business and their staff has done so far and look forward to a prosperous future with them."

Anonymous Agent Testimonial: " I am very happy with your performance. You show professionalism in handling the calls. You keep me informed of your activities, letting me know when you plan to call. This allows me to be prepared in the event a customer calls back during the time you are calling."