Best Agent Business and Zurple Help Agents Succeed!

Zurple’s mission is to generate quality conversations between Realtors® and their prospects because more conversations lead to more closings. How Zurple works:

Identifies Serious Homebuyers - Zurple analyzes the behavior of all leads in your database and uses a patent-pending algorithm to identify and alert you as to which leads are serious home buyers. Zurple allows you to focus on the real buyers and ignore the merely curious.

Alerts You When a Lead Should Be Contacted - Zurple alerts you via email when the time is right to contact a lead exhibiting real home buyer behavior. The emails tell you when to call and which properties to reference to start a conversation.

Sends Personalized Emails to Your Leads - Zurple intelligently engages leads on your behalf by sending personalized emails to each lead from your email address. The emails reference specific preferences and search behavior of each lead. These personalized emails demonstrate that you are paying attention to your lead’s needs and start conversations that turn leads into clients.

Generates Leads in the Markets You Prefer - Zurple can target subareas and not just cities and zip codes. By limiting paid traffic on Google and elsewhere to your specific area, Zurple optimizes your marketing budget by only advertising to your most valuable audience.

This different way of lead management has led to stunning results and today Zurple serves over 3,000 Realtors. What will Zurple do for you?

Best Agent Business can help you with calling your backlog of leads and lead management. Contact us today to discuss your business needs and goals.

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