Billion Dollar Agent

Billion Dollar Agent Manifesto offers insight into the best practices for entrepreneurs at any level of experience by featuring watershed moments from today's most successful real estate agents. Get professional and personal insights from the trailblazers of the industry. Author Steve Kantor engaged in more than 1000 conversations with top agents and grew his own Best Agent Business to encompass more than 100 part-time assistants serving over 100 active clients. Order a copy HERE.

Billion Dollar Agent – Lessons Learned is a book based on interviews with 70 top real estate agents who have sold over $1 billion in real estate in their career, or are on track to do so. Our goal is to help the top 20% of agents who make $100,000 or more learn how to grow and run a business to achieve $200,000-$500,000 in GCI per year. Imagine saving 5-10 years of trial and error by building a solid business, delegating to others, and focusing on using your unique talents to achieve your business and personal goals. Order a copy HERE.

Billion Dollar Agent – Lessons Learned includes the success secrets of these top real estate agents as well as interviews with top national coaches/trainers such as Howard Brinton, Mike Ferry, Ken Goodfellow, Walter Sanford, and Floyd Wickman.

Billion Dollar Agent Summary With Coaches is an excerpt from Billion Dollar Agent - Lessons Learned. This publication is for the 20% of real estate agents who have achieved $100,000 a year and have the desire and abilities to achieve $200,000 to $500,000 or more per year. Order a copy HERE.

The unique business model of Best Agent Business takes the lessons learned from Billion Dollar Agent and applies them to agents who make from $100,000 to $1,000,000 GCI per year. All of our real estate assistance work is done remotely. Unlike hiring a single assistant or virtual assistant with the time/risks of recruiting, hiring, firing, training, and managing, Best Agent Business operates a full business which had over 500 job applicants, and hired only 50 people in the first year. Since that first year, we've been growing strong and now have over 70 assistants helping our clients daily with anything from administrative to marketing and technology services.