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Part of our expertise in assisting top real estate agents comes from our interviews with over 100 of the best agents in the country who have sold over $1 billion in real estate in their career or are on track to do so. We traveled the country and picked the brains of the most successful agents, who shared the lessons they've learned and their secrets to success. The invaluable advice we received resulted in our first book, Billion Dollar Agent

At the end of 2007, we decided it was time for another book, one that would help agents navigate the treacherous waters of the aftermath of the real estate bust. That's how Real Estate in 2008 was born. This was the first book of its kind as it includes material by over 1,000 agents who were the contributing authors and marks an industry-wide collaboration, which was designed to help all real estate agents succeed in 2008 and beyond. We continued to learn and glean ideas and information over the years, leading to the publishing of Billion Dollar Agent Manifesto in 2013 and Billion Dollar Agent Summary With Coaches in 2014. As the market continues to evolve consistently, we find these books continue to be valuable tools for success in any real estate market.

The Team Profit Model book was created in response to the need for best practices and expertise on how to maximize profits in a real estate team environment. This is a PDF draft book, which delves into successful practices implemented by some of our clients. If you want to start a real estate agent team or already have one, this will be a valuable read for you.

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