Business Systems Kickoff

We’re ready to help you Focus on Your Unique Talent, Delegate Everything Else and Stop Wasting Leads. If you're not quite ready for our full monthly services, we have a solution for you. Our Business Systems Kickoff is a one-time $995 service over 10 weeks. We provide the following services:

  • Focus on Your Unique Talent – Time Management for a Perfect Day

  • Business Plan – A Business Plan which includes Marketing and Budget Plan

  • Database Management and Lead Management – Cleaning and Coding your Database

See our proposal and client testimonials for more details.

Business Systems Kickoff is designed for the following situations:

  • Not ready yet for full $995/month services and want to start slower

  • Not 100% sure if Best Agent Business will be perfect fit and want to try services

  • Agent with in-house assistant and need systems and train assistant on systems

  • Agent who’s read Billion Dollar Agent Manifesto and ready for first steps

To get started, sign and return service agreement and do signup via PayPal/credit card:

Best Agent Business– Regular - $995/month -

You may decide to continue at our $995 or $1,990/month level after completion, or anytime during the 10-week kickoff.