Lead Management

Best Agent Business has a proven system to manage your leads and database, so you won’t waste another lead again. The first step is to review, organize and clean your database. This ensures your CRM is ready for any marketing project you plan to execute. We also work to improve your lead management systems. With our expertise we can help ensure all leads are captured and entered into your CRM.

After you have your database cleaned and coded, leads flowing in properly, it’s time to follow up! We focus on calling and marketing to your backlog of leads as well as develop a plan of action for new leads coming in. 

Don’t just hear it from us, here’s a testimonial from one of our clients:

“Best Agent Business has partnered with us at the business level to understand our goals and to help implement solutions to meet them. I have worked with Best Agent Business in the past and came back again last year in need of systems cleanup and a Lead Management process for my team to make sure that no business falls through the cracks. Best Agent Business has been instrumental in not only gathering requirements and building the plan, but also with training for the entire team and establishing metrics and a reporting structure to track progress” 

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