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"Managing a real estate team with 10 agents and staff of 4 can be a big challenge without organization and focus. As the old adage says “time is money” and it was certainly true in our case. There are many moving parts to our process of generating leads; converting leads first to prospects and then developing them into clients; closing our client’s transactions and then managing their life time value through an interaction contract management system. We found ourselves constantly trying to “reinvent” our systems to get the most benefit from our resources. That was before we were introduced to Better Agent Business (BAB) and Steve Kantor. Steve and his team have been able to help us focus on certain activities that were taking up a lot of our “high dollar” time and assign them to his group. The result is that we are getting more done for less effort which in turn frees up time that our staff and owner can use more productively. It’s amazing what you can do when given the time to focus on your core competencies. What we like best about BAB is their ability to handle all of our concerns and the flexibility to scale their services up or down depending on our current needs."