Best Agent Business & Proquest Help Agents Use Technology to Get More Buyers!

Have you noticed how over the last few years your internet marketing is getting tougher and tougher...a lot less leads and very few phone calls. Are you spending lots of time and energy trying to “cultivate relationships” through social medial or other online communities...and again...few if any leads or phone calls ever come from it? How about your lead capture strategies? You capture leads via the internet or call capture, call back, but hardly anyone picks up the phone. You leave endless voicemails, yet few people ever return your calls. See what we mean here:

The playing field has changed, and it has to do with a massive new shift in the way consumers are beginning to shop for real estate that you may not even be aware of. We all know 84% of all real estate searches start online, but a far more telling statistic is that 74% of all real estate transaction are concluded with the first agent that a prospect talks to. The key to success in today's radically new and challenging environment is: compelling qualified prospects to pick up the phone and call you...with questions...wanting to talk with you.

Again, that's what Proquest Technologies is all about...showing you all the latest tools and strategies for effortlessly compelling 80-90% of the qualified prospects driving by your listings, looking at your ads, or visiting you web site to instantly and automatically connect directly to your cell phone for that all-important first conversation...and making that happen consistently every single day.

If you'd like to learn how to do that go to Proquest Technologies and register for their free 7-part online video training series that will break all this down for you step-by-step...and show you exactly how to make your phone ring every single day. Then check out their brand new presentation explaining a massive new trend, that again, you may not even be aware of. To read more about Proquest Technologies and how they can help your business check out their blog here.