Proposal for Virtual Assistant and Calling Services

Billion Dollar Agent Systems

Best Agent Business helps top agents grow their business to the next level. Our part-time virtual assistant and calling services help you: 

• Focus on your unique talent 

• Delegate everything else to Best Agent Business 

• Stop wasting leads 

We can help you with Database Management, Lead Management, Marketing, Listing Management, Closing Management, and Accounting. Our Calling Team can call your leads, Clients/SOI, and even FSBO/Expireds. 

Everything we do helps leverage your time to make more profit for your business. The more and faster you delegate Assistant and Calling work off your plate, the more time you can spend meeting with people. The more you meet with people, or spend time calling only your hottest leads, the more time you are making $200/hour using your unique talents.

 Best Agent Business is the author and creator of Billion Dollar Agent – Lessons Learned and Billion Dollar Agent Manifesto. We have grown our team of assistants and callers with our Billion Dollar Agent Systems developed over a decade of interviewing 1,000+ top agents and growing Best Agent Business.

When you hire Best Agent Business, you are not hiring a single virtual assistant. You are getting a Billion Dollar Agent Team already organized with over $1,000,000 of research and development to implement the best systems possible for your business. You do not need to create systems yourself, we already have systems ready to implement. You are assigned a Key Assistant who will have a scheduled 30 minute call weekly.

Service Levels

We provide a business plan and systems based on size and need of your business. To keep focus, we only work on three goals at a time. We focus together to complete one step before moving to the next step. You can start with our Assistant or Calling services or both. Our exclusive Billion Dollar Agent Profit Model helps us focus on growing your business and net profit. You can mix/match services at our level of $995/month for 10 hours per week or $1,990/month for 20 hours per week (40 or 80 hours per month).

Summary and Getting Started 

Our rate is $25/hour. For example, our $1,990/monthly service is 80 hours * $25/hour and our $995/monthly service is 40 hours * $25/hour. Our services are offered as a monthly subscription, with a minimum three-month commitment to start. To signup, complete the one page service agreement and do the PayPal credit card signup using the link provided in the proposal email or at

Step 1 – Database, Leads, Marketing

Assistant Services - $995/month for 10 hours per week 

Assistant Services is for agents getting their first part-time assistant, replacing a previous assistant, or expanding a team. We start with Step 1 of Database Management, Lead Management, and Marketing. These services alone can grow your business 50%

Database Management

The core of your business is your database. We only work with clients who understand the critical importance and value of a solid database. We are experts at database management and will organize, clean, and manage your database. We work with all the top databases in the industry and have unique systems which maximize the value of your database. 

We work with Top Producer, Wise Agent, Agent Office, eEdge, Realty Juggler, Infusionsoft and other databases. 

We will organize data conversion and coding to consolidate your data from your email accounts, cell phones, Facebook, LinkedIn, MLS auto emails for buyers, call capture systems, spreadsheets, and all other sources of your data. 

We organize database by Client Marketing of Clients/SOI/Vendors, Seller and Buyer Leads, and Agents. 

We work with and support all the big buyer business systems such as agentjet, BoomTown, Commissions Inc, Kunversion, Market Leader, Prodigy, Real Geeks, Real Estate Webmasters, Success Websites, and TigerLead.

Lead Management

We will implement and manage lead management systems. We start with Lead Capture and make sure that we capture, code, and organize all leads. 

We produce Weekly Lead Reports for you and your agents. Our systems track and follow-up on ‘future’ business rather than just ‘now’ business. 

We can help with processing new leads into database, starting action plans, emailing, mailing, and other efforts. Leads are rated in the database on an ABC rating. You can send us your leads by email or Lead Sheets and we add them daily to your database and track. We help you to stop wasting leads.


We organize and manage consistent marketing to your database and leads. We can start or help to manage these marketing tasks. We send monthly newsletters to your Clients/SOI/Vendors and Seller/Buyer Leads. For proper marketing, you must have Database Management and Lead Management properly flowing. 

Our consistent marketing involves a mix of the following: 
- Monthly Email Newsletter - 1 per month 
- Monthly Mailed Newsletter - 1 per month 
- Weekly Blogging and Social Media - 1 blog post per week

Step 2 – Listing, Closing, Accounting

Assistant Services

After Database Management, Lead Management, and Marketing are flowing smoothly, we are ready to move on to Step 2. Step 2 involves Listing Management, Closing Management, and Accounting. 

The key benefit of Step 2 is to start delegating assistant work to our team so you can work with more sellers and buyers and close more deals. 

Based on your size and volume of business, you may be able to cover all of these assistant tasks for $995/month. As you grow to $200,000 GCI and above, it usually requires $1,990/month. In general terms, you should budget about 10% of GCI for assistant help, whether virtual or in-house.

Listing Management

We will do the majority of steps needed to implement a listing to include placing the listing on various websites, doing marketing brochures, and performing all of the related listing plan steps. This includes all steps to process a new listing, price changes, weekly seller feedback, and posting to sites like Craigslist, open houses, and other tasks. We also can process Just Listed and Just Sold cards and other graphic work. We create a detailed Listing Plan. We will implement a combination of your current listing marketing steps and our Billion Dollar Agent Listing Plan.

Closing Management

We can handle all aspects of Closing Management and gradually take over your work as needed. We spend extra time and attention with your client relationships to insure high service ratings and generate more referrals during or soon after the Closing Management steps. It is important to implement Closing Management gradually and safely. We start with Closing Tracking to track and alert you of deadline dates. Next, we add Closing Email Communication by sending needed emails to relevant parties. Finally, once we are both fully comfortable, we handle all aspects including speaking to parties involved.


We suggest you get QuickBooks Online and we can get all of your accounting organized and produce monthly financial statements. We can help develop your budget. We compare your business using our Billion Dollar Agent Profit Model to help increase your net profit. 

Step 3 – Stop Wasting Leads

Calling Services - $995/month for 10 hours per week or $1,990/month for 20 hours per week 

The biggest problem for almost all agents or teams above $100,000 is wasting leads. If you want to grow faster and be more profitable, you need to do everything possible to stop wasting leads. Almost all teams above $250,000 are wasting leads and need more leads called. As you get more leads than you can handle, you should hire a Caller. If you have Buyer’s Agents and they are not calling enough or too busy to call, you need Callers. As you get more buyers than you can handle for showings, we will help you recruit and implement our Showing Agent System as a more stable and profitable model than Buyer’s Agents.

You can hire us for Calling Services alone for $995/month minimum, or you can add Calling Services to our Assistant Services. 

Database Management

We organize the main databases and related databases and clearly define our coding schemes. We provide a monthly Business Database Spreadsheet review of the database to make sure that no one on your team or our team is messing up the database or wasting leads. Database Management and Lead Management are required for any client using Calling Services. If your in-house staff is doing those functions, we only need to do monthly review of the database.

Lead Management

We put in place systems to stop wasting leads and make sure all leads are being captured and worked properly. We make sure all leads are assigned clearly to you, our Callers, or your agents. We make sure all leads are properly coded, have a Next Call Date, and have proper notes. We produce Weekly Lead Reports for you and your agents of your hottest leads. This helps us find the best leads to call.


We can call your leads. We can call your Clients/SOI. We can even call FSBO and Expireds. We hire less than 5% of people who inquire for a job. We are very selective and have tight accountability of our Callers and systems. We can do Client Marketing calling of your Clients/SOI/Vendors. We do Seller Feedback and Showing Feedback calls. We call your Seller leads which may be future business if you do not have time to call them. We call all buyer leads including buyer web leads. We can even call FSBO to schedule preview appointments. We also call Expireds. We make five dial attempts to reach leads live to qualify and resolve the leads. We use a Daily Log to track calls and we have tracked over 500,000 dials in the past few years.

Billion Dollar Agent Service - $2,990/month

Our Billion Dollar Agent includes Assistant, Calling, and Billion Dollar Agent Profit Model services. This service level is for agents over $250,000 GCI. 

Billion Dollar Agent Profit Model

We help you create a Billion Dollar Agent Business to maximize your unique talents and net profit margin. We suggest changes that can increase your net profit towards our target goal of 50% net profit on $1,000,000 GCI. We produce and review monthly finances. 

Agent Management

We can implement systems to manage your Buyer’s Agents and hold them accountable with Daily Log tracking of their calling and our Showing Reports to track results of showings. Our Talent Team can help with recruiting of In-House Assistants, Showing Agents, and Buyer’s Agents.

Showing Agent Model

We can help implement our Showing Agent system of having part-time hourly Showing Agents to show property more profitably than a Buyer’s Agent model. 

Marketing Growth

We can expand and implement new marketing efforts for market segments such as Online Marketing of Blogging and Social Media, Farm Marketing, FSBO Marketing, Expired Marketing, Buyer Open House, Big Buyer Business with Buyer Web Leads, and more. 

Coaching Systems Expertise

We do not provide coaching. We have deep knowledge of all franchise systems and coaching systems from working with many top agents and with many coaches. We can get done 80% of what coaches ask you to implement for your business. Our deep expertise across all coaching systems helps you grow faster and more profitably. If you have a coach, we help you implement what the coach tells you to get done.

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