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We focus on making our clients happy by helping them delegate and grow their business. We get things done. By Day 100 of working together, our business goal is that our client is so happy that they offer a written testimonial about Best Agent Business. We also help you gather written and audio testimonials from your own clients to help you with your marketing efforts.

Read What Our Clients Have to Say About Us:

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Agent in Denver, CO: "Best Agent Business has been processing and assigning my leads from Tiger, My Buying Buddy, and Google Mail for the past year. They have created a procedures manual and have been efficient in handling any changes that occur. Using Best Agent Business has enabled our agents to focus on the leads with good contact info because they don’t have to filter through leads with bad #’s or email addresses. They have been very flexible on adding extra lead checks to the normal week’s procedures to compensate for shifting schedules with our in-house staff. I would highly recommend Best Agent Business to handle anyone’s lead processing work."

Agent in Playa del Carmen, Mexico: "Since working with Steve and his team I have seen my business become more streamlined and functional. I can delegate the tasks at which I do not excel to a specialist which has allowed me to apply my best talents and achieve greater success in real estate sales. The results are really showing up. Steve is always willing to share his insight and clarity which I find is a valuable coaching tool also. If you want to be more efficient and even have a little more time off then talk with Steve at Best Agent business."

Agent in Ocala, FL: "Best Agent Business is great! They make me work hard to take advantage of every lead that comes our way. They are truly the most professional organization that I have worked with through the past 20 years. Their main focus is to make your data base(mine is Top Producer) make you money. I have a staff of two in my office and the ultimate goal is to let Best Agent Business lighten up their load and help us streamline our business to be more profitable. Their reports, follow up and systems are excellent and I highly recommend them."

Agent in Washington, DC: "Virtually every productive, forward-charging real estate salesperson has a longer list of items to be executed than s/he has the resources with which to address them effectively. Steve Kantor and his team at Best Agent Business provide the people-power with which to “Do” the “To-Dos.” This is very powerful, in and of itself. But the real advantage Best Agent provides is the combination of their people power with knowledge of the real estate industry and hands-on experience. They assist real estate salespeople, day in and day out. This combination of skills, knowledge and experience enables you to minimize risk while re-organizing your business, reenergizing your team, and moving forward with your business plan."                                                          
Agent in Mesa, AZ: "I was nervous using a virtual assistant since I had tried it a few years back with an over seas firm and the results were terrible. I had been referred to Best Agent Business by some agents who raved about the service. I took a chance and was immediately blown away. Quickly they relieved stress and helped better organize my business, as well as pick up some of the balls we were dropping. Each month it seems we are finding new projects and areas of my business we can leverage through them. Best Agent Business is first class from the top down. Thanks Steve for your service and for making us all better. All the best!"

Agent in Hoboken, NJ:"Steve Kantor and Best Agent Business have been an invaluable part of my real estate business, especially during these challenging times. Their team of professionals have assisted in keeping my business running smoothly and efficiently which has allowed me to focus on developing new business strategies. They are an essential part of my team now, updating my online marketing, website, blogging and database management just to name a few. I highly recommend their business model to any agent / broker looking to maximize their potential while containing their expenses."

Agent in La Quinta, CA: "Best Agent Business has certainly helped me grow my business thru better organizing my thoughts and strategies. I am much more organized and have started a calling program that has netted me more people coming to town. I know where my business is coming from and who are the next people who might buy. Virtually someone takes care of business 7 days a week. I started out using them for 25 hours a month but inside of 2 months changed that to 50 hours a month. You can schedule a time with Steve every week or more through his calendar system which works well."

Agent in Charlotte, NC
: "I have just passed my 100 Day mark with Best Agent Business and it has been a tough 100 Days (in a good way!). Steve Kantor and his organization have taken the not so fun part of real estate (organizing your business and the systems that go along with that) and made it as painless as it can possibly be to get through. It is like having a staff of 20 people, all top end specialists in every aspect of the real estate business...but having them on call whenever you need them. The first thing Steve forced me to do was to come up with a clear and focused strategy for me to grow my business, concentrating on the 3 core pillars that will make me reach my goals. This laser focus has cleared everything off my plate and out of my mind.The leverage Best Agent Business has brought to me is very powerful. I now have time to make 2 hours of calls consistently and my pipeline is full of appointments. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in lead generation and forget lead conversion. Steve gives you the "tough love" you need to FOCUS and do the things that will grow your top line. Another benefit of being involved with Best Agent Business is their focus on the bottom line and net profit. My goal next year is to get to $500k in GCI next year AND have a net margin of 65-70%! I wouldn't have even had that mindset if it weren't for Best Agent Business. Best Agent Business pays for itself! I am looking forward to a long working relationship with Steve and Best Agent Business.

You can read Even More Testimonials on this page.

* After scheduling your consultation with us and receiving our proposal, we would be happy to provide you with some of our current clients' names and contact information.

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